Big Data & Analytics

Ongoing innovation is making possible previously undreamt of opportunities to harvest information. Cicero helps organizations leverage Big Data to revolutionize their understanding of their customers, market, and internal operations.

Predictive Analytics

In marketing, consumer preference is vital to a successful campaign. Understanding consumer preference requires a level of insight that stretches far beyond traditional research. For years business development has been mired with a focus on historical consumer behavior, leaving marketing teams trailing consumer decisions, not leading them.

Predictive analytics, on the other hand, positions marketing, sales, and product development ahead of the curve by going beyond simple forecasting to modeling probabilities of demand rather than responding to it. Cicero’s Predictive Analytics services have enabled companies to capture demand through preemptive business development efforts.

Machine Learning

Technology is evolving in such a way that machines can independently collect and create information using sophisticated algorithms that “learn” to perform tasks. Cicero is translating the value of machine learning through efficient data-mining that can reduce the need for human capital.

Cicero’s expert data scientists harness the capabilities of supervised and unsupervised learning methods, providing broad coverage of machine learning, data mining, and statistical pattern recognition. This method simultaneously lowers research cost structures and increases data accuracy.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

As a subset of Machine Learning, NLP is taking the next step in market research and consumer preference.

With Cicero’s help in leveraging NLP analysis, companies can focus on public sentiment regarding their product or brand by analyzing large sets of data in the form of consumer commentary and reviews, and incorporating with other sources of unstructured documents. Words, phrases and general semantics are recognized then interpreted to build a holistic view of the consumer market.

Web and Social Media Analytics

What was recently an underdeveloped marketing trend, Web and Social Media Analytics now has the capacity to serve as a viable analytical tool for modern companies. The prevalence of social media membership has reached nearly every population segment, providing genuine statistics on various industry markets.

In traditional business the neighborhood is researched before building a store. Today, websites are the new “brick and mortar” so it is crucial that companies understand traffic quantities, user pathways, timing factors, and other web analytics to research their digital neighborhood. Our team at Cicero carries the tools to research and interpret this digital space.

Technology Strategy and Architecture

Given that information is now available in quantities too large for mainstream software, companies are turning to advanced data architecture in order to capture valuable internal and external information. At Cicero, we provide strategies to breakdown the complexity of data architecture, and incorporate lasting solutions within an organization’s existing infrastructure.

Data Visualization

The solution to interpreting massive data-sets lies within the ability to easily visualize the information. With expertise on a number of offerings in data visualization software, Cicero is positioned to design aesthetic models that represent company data, market data or statistical analysis. Our team is also skilled in building these abilities directly into company operations.

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