Finance is the lifeblood of any business. Our strategic support in risk management, valuation, economic analysis and modeling, and acquisition and diversification due diligence helps companies fortify their finance organization and approach.

Financial Risk Management

Cicero’s approach to risk management evaluates not only financial performance but enterprise-wide risk. We believe organizations that embrace a broader perspective of risk are better positioned to achieve greater long-term financial returns and increased stakeholder confidence through transformation of the overall business model to be more risk adept. We help companies integrate processes to examine threats to financial performance, business strategy, company objectives, and reputation.

Maintaining a value-focused approach to risk management alters the biased perspective of a loss-focused company by integrating risk-adjusted management methods to view business risk in the context of their relationship to potential opportunities and capacities for change. Cicero’s enterprise risk management methodologies help organizations develop better insights into risk and its ramifications, leading to better results over the long-term.

Acquisition / Diversification Due Diligence

We help clients identify sound acquisitions by profiling industries and methodically vetting potential targets. Our due diligence process includes expansive assessment of the likely financial outcomes of potential acquisitions, tests anticipated performance improvement opportunities, and involves meaningful development of a post-acquisition roadmap, all in the service of ensuring that any potential acquisition has been fully examined in advance.

Post-acquisition, we drive rapid returns by working shoulder-to-shoulder with clients, harnessing and managing the myriad moving parts that stem from the integration process. Our focus in this critical stage is to help align management around strategic priorities and promoting a top-to-bottom focus on key initiatives.

Economic Analysis

We develop robust economic models to help our clients understand and communicate the impacts of their existing and planned operations in specific geographies — with the ability to provide analytical granularity ranging from a zip code to a nation.

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