In our competitive world, an organization’s every nut and bolt must be employed as effectively as possible. We use a data-led approach to help companies define, implement, and measure the impact of needle-moving operational improvements.

Process Improvement

An optimized business process will lead to an increased quality of customer interaction; which will lead to higher customer satisfaction which will eventually lead to increased revenue. For this reason it is essential to create an efficient and effective business process. At Cicero, we help our clients reach that level of optimization through process redesign if needed. We begin by mapping out the process in meticulous detail to get the full view. We then work closely with our clients to identify key processes and begin a deeper dive into how to create efficiencies. Through in-depth interviews, surveys and other means of data collection we determine ways to eliminate waste and automate where possible.

Getting the strategy right is only half the battle. Failed or poor execution will produce results similar to operating without a strategy. Cicero is committed to helping clients quickly achieve and sustain their full potential, which occasionally requires transformations of processes and functions.

We offer a set of integrated solutions to meet the unique needs of various business functions who are working to achieve business goals related to cost, profitability and efficiency.

Lean Six Sigma

The Cicero Team has an extensive background in Lean Six Sigma implementation to improve manufacturing efficiency and quality. However, we utilize these principles to not only help our manufacturing clients but also our clients across all spans of industries. We look to decrease the amount of waste, whether that be time or physical resources, and we look to reduce the amount of errors that occur in a business process. We quickly diagnose the areas of improvement and map out plans for change implementation.

We look to specifically implement Lean Six Sigma ideals into our services we offer manufacturers. We understand that these operations must maintain a high standard of quality while at the same time reduce costs. We look to simplify product lines and product design where possible. We also help optimize the scheduling and sourcing to allow the full potential to be reached. We know that each company has different needs and each strategy is calculated to help individual companies answer questions that reduce costs and increase quality.

Post-merger Integration

In today’s dynamic competitive environment, successful post-merger integration is critical to generating sustainable competitive advantage for many firms. Potential benefits to a successful merger or acquisition are broad, including expanding markets or products, gaining a competitive edge, or securing specific resources or talents. However, this is also a high-risk and complex business strategy.

Cicero’s approaches PMI utilizing a framework that simplifies the process for client, with the goal of creating a manageable, stress free integration. We focus on providing support to the administration of the merged businesses and helping clients maximize the value of their businesses once the merger is finalized.

Supply Chain Management

Cicero works with clients across a broad range of industries to deliver innovative supply chain strategies. Effective supply chain management supports a variety of corporate strategy objectives from growth, to finance, to human capital. We apply deep functional expertise to help clients overcome typical supply chain challenges and to develop the strategies and plans to achieve profitable growth, scalable processes, targeted customer service levels and operational efficiency.

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