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Customers are the focal point for every business. Cicero helps B2B and B2C companies of all sizes unleash the power of customer insights to better attract customers, and then maintain and grow the relationship.

Customer Analytics

Segmentation, Attrition, Pricing, Sales Prioritization

What distinct types of customers do we have, and how can we tailor our offering to grow our most profitable segments? Why do our customers leave, and how can we cost-effectively keep their business?

Reliable and insightful answers to these questions are invaluable. We use sophisticated analytical techniques to help companies hear the customer’s voice above the din and confusion of daily operations and data overload.


Sales and Channel Transformation

Cicero’s sales transformation services guide executives through the process of attracting and retaining sales talent. We analyze company resources and growth capability in identifying meaningful sales targets, and we utilize market data to outline profitable models of sales coverage.

Our strategists scrutinize sales operations and design in-depth strategies to increase revenue from existing customer bases and penetrate untapped and emerging markets. We leverage our experience in sales and channel transformation to provide insight and guidance to organizations in aligning resources and cutting costs, identifying optimal channel mix alongside revenue targets, leveraging talent and inspiring performance, and ultimately maximizing profitability.


Customer Lifecycle Management

Cicero provides detailed guidance to help businesses effectively apply principles of marketing, debt management, acquisition, and loyalty retention in an ever-evolving marketplace. Our strategists are experts at evaluating current practices, revenue, and margins in the context of evolving markets to help companies define and assess needs on an ongoing basis.

We build on our capacity for comprehensive analysis of the customer lifecycle to provide actionable strategies for enhancing customer lifespan, implementing effective loyalty programs, and strengthening front-line performance. Cicero solves complex issues in the customer lifecycle by utilizing multiple platforms to understand customer decisions at various stages, including profiling, onboarding, product introduction, and loyalty program participation.


Marketing and Brand Strategy

Cicero helps companies increase revenue and profits by collaboratively defining and deploying a well-executed marketing program. We structure programs that accurately target customer segments, leverage the right marketing mix, craft demand around key concepts and images, and culminate in a sought after brand.

Our focus on brand management shifts customer demand in favor of our clients, and strengthens competitive positions through a blended strategy of marketing and resource allocation to increase sales and profits. In a marketplace flooded with information, differentiating products and services has become increasingly difficult. Cicero’s assistance in creating trust and loyalty around brands helps our clients build larger, more sustainable customer bases.


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