Cicero combines a unique inductive research approach with industry-specific expertise to develop implementable strategies based on current and future competitive landscapes, extant and latent value propositions, and undiscovered market opportunities.

Growth Strategy

Fundamental to business survival is growth, but sustainable long-term growth is difficult. We help companies identify meaningful growth strategies by strengthening competencies and maximizing core businesses through development and renewal, while identifying new core-strengthening opportunities, enabling our clients to anticipate and stay ahead of the competition.

Properly defining a company’s profitable core is essential to achieving growth. At Cicero, we understand that sustainable growth is achieved by increasing revenue, cash flow and shareholder value. Too many companies fail to optimize cost and revenue opportunities by leaving money on the table in their core businesses.

We help companies capture these missed opportunities with a core growth strategy that identifies and builds upon the strongest assets of their businesses.

Corporate and Portfolio Strategy

Operating in today’s competitive economic environment requires businesses to be savvy portfolio managers in order to facilitate superior value creation. Cicero helps companies sustain their competitive advantage and grow both short-term earnings and long-term shareholder value by integrating a multiple perspective portfolio analysis that delivers greater real, tangible value than basic derivative portfolio solutions. Implementing a multiple perspective analysis not only develops a balanced risk diversification but also encourages alternative portfolio-development options to maximize value creation potential.

Our forward-looking approach and careful follow-through enables companies to realize the full potential of their current portfolio, formulate new portfolio options, and develop strategies and allocate resources to sustain profitability and growth at their enterprise level. Cicero’s approach helps companies mitigate the biases often found in client decision making processes and implement improved processes for optimal strategic decision-making and planning.

Product and Service Innovation

Innovation strategy is essential to growth. Every organization in every industry must recognize the imperative of innovation if they intend to develop and sustain competitive advantage and achieve long term shareholder value.

At Cicero, we help companies couple traditional business strategy with innovation strategy; now more than ever, innovation is key to growth. We utilize cross-industry expertise and insight to help organizations cultivate environments and cultures that foster creativity while utilizing quantitative and qualitative tools to strengthen the core business and capitalize on new and emerging markets.

International Development and Delivery

Evidence of globalization is everywhere; no force has altered the business landscape more radically in recent years. Cicero enables our clients to succeed in the new global economy by deepening their understanding of market trends, expectations, and idiosyncrasies so they can identify and execute on opportunities for international expansion and improve results from their existing international operations.

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